Monday, December 22, 2014

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School Counselor Teaches Resiliency to Combat Future School Shootings
Releases third book called, “Relax”

Westlake, Ohio, Dec. 3, 2014 – Middle School Counselor Kasey Kellem says about 50% of the students she works with have problems with anxiety. That’s one of the reasons why she wrote the book “Relax.” Recently released through Halo Publishing International, it’s the third book in a five-part series called “Mind Over Matter” or M.O.M. Geared toward pre-school students, each book teaches a certain characteristic of becoming resilient.

“Everybody faces adversity at some point in life,” says Kellem. “The earlier a child learns how to become resilient, the easier it will be for them to deal with life’s struggles.”

Through her research, Kellem found that teens and young adults are not prepared to handle adversities such as bullying, divorce, abuse, death and disease, which may occur in their lives.

“This lack of resiliency, I feel, has been the cause of increased school violence and shootings,” says Kellem.

She studied 9 school shootings along with the most recent one at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Almost two years ago to the day, on Dec. 12, 2012, Adam Lanza fatally killed his mother and then shot 20 children and six adult staff members before he took his own life. The troubled boy was a target of relentless bullying who also dealt with disease and divorce.

Kellem’s books teach on the five characteristics of resilancy: 1.Believe that you can get through adversity; 2. Surround yourself with those who love and support you; 3. Learn to relax; 4. Have a dream with goals; 5. Maintain a sense of humor. She says these characteristics help kids develop social competence, problem-solving skills, critical consciousness, autonomy and a sense of purpose. Kellem says all the students responsible for school shootings dealing back to Columbine in 1999 were missing some of these factors.
Kellem says she and her husband both practice the five characteristics of becoming and staying resilient. Currently, she fights Multiple Sclerosis, while her husband struggles with cancer.
“We fight with enthusiasm and a positive attitude to fight stress,” says Kellem.  “We have people around us who love and support us and we look for humor. It’s what get’s us through life.”

You can purchase The Mind Over Matter (M.O.M) books including “Relax” through Halo Publishing. Each sells for $16.95

“These books are also designed to be decorations on bookshelves, nightstands, or desks in a child ́s bedroom or playroom which will serve as constant resiliency reinforcement,” says Halo Publisher Lisa M. Umina.

Kasey Kellem is a middle school counselor and a former special education teacher, who has devoted her life to help children who are facing adversity to be resilient. She has earned a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Special Education and an Educational Specialist Degree in Counseling. She is a devoted wife, stepmother, sister, daughter and friend.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Relax Camping out

Ok, so to be honest with you, I haven't camped outside in about 20 years..and I have no intention of revisiting this past time...ever.  Don't get me wrong. I loved the camp fire, great outdoors, fresh air and moonlight like most outdoor people, but it seems like a lot of work to me these days! My idea of roughing it is more like staying at the Marriott instead of the Ritz:)

This being said, however, I do love to camp "in!" I love to grab my favorite blanket, a book and a few pillows while donning my yoga pants and t-shirt and do nothing but lay around all afternoon! It is a rare event for me these days, but when it happens, I turn off my phone, put away my ipad and avoid any other electronics. The warmth and dim light from my scented candles and the darkness from the shades being pulled down get me as close to camping out as I will get. I'm roughing it, for sure!

Camping "in" is quite a pleasure and certainly helps me regenerate my energy! The rest allows me to fuel up and feel alert for many days to follow. It's simple, costs nothing and simply takes a little  time.  So, take time to camp "in" or "out" for yourself. It will do your body good!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Relax with your dog

Today is the one year anniversary of our adoption of Bella! What a joy she has brought my husband who is battling cancer and me, his caregiver!

Not sure how easy it is to relax with your dog, but sometimes if my one year old pit bull is tuckered out enough, she will lay calmly with me. Bella is quite a joy and loves to cuddle! I actually found myself spooning her one night? Who does that? She was such a warm comfort to me while my husband was hospitalized.

But I am a bit too hyper myself to actually rest or lie down during the day. My idea of relaxing comes in the form of brisk walking with Bella. Since the day we brought her home (a month ago today), she and I have enjoyed our daily 45 minute to one hour walks. We rarely alter the route that she knows by heart.

I must say the walks weren't always relaxing, in fact the first few months were anything but relaxing. But, once she learned not to pull and to stay at my side, we were able to enjoy a stress-free walk!

I am so grateful to have our puppy as she has been with us through my husband's illness offering me comfort and solace. The walks relax and revitalize me daily.

Relaxing with your dog can be as simple as taking a nap or taking a walk. Either way, dogs bring great comfort to the spirit!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Relax with your Eyes Closed

A year and a half after my husband's stage IV prostate cancer diagnosis, a friend of mine suggested I take up Yoga. My husband and I  were staying in Utah for a month for a new treatment and I was going to have a lot of down time during while he was in the clinic. I immedately found a studio down the street and signed up for  classes every week day morning for the month.

WOW! What a transformation. I am not one to relax or work out by way of stretching and posing several different ways for an hour, but this yoga has done wonders for my mind, body and spirits! Sure, I have a plethora of yoga videos in my ma'am cave that I have used over the years, but it is much more relaxing and challenging when doing it under the supervision of a trained instructor!

In just that one month's time, I was transformed physically and emotionally. I immediately found a studio back home and continued my practice 4-5 days a week. My body can move in ways it could never move. The stress of being a caregiver is alleviated a bit after I do an hour of Yoga. I feel revitalized, calmer and can think clearer.

The best part of the yoga, the part I ignored for years with all of my videos, is the final Shivasana. I actually take the time now to lay down with my eyes closed focusing on my breathing. This part of the yoga exercise is what has relaxed me most. Eyes closed. Laying down. Who would have thought?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Relax inthe Afternoon

Oh, how I love an afternoon nap in my Ma'am cave! There is nothing like coming home from work and slipping into a short afternoon nap just to reboot for the remainder of the day. Just 20-30 minutes can do my body a lot of good!!

I didn't always nap after work, nor did I think an afternoon nap was even necessary. I even scoffed at my dear friend and mentor, Marguerite who, 25 years ago, told me how she needed her afternoonnaps to recharge each day. She was a teacher and I was completing my student-teaching under her. I thought to myself, "I am way to hyper to ever need an afternoon nap!"  Well, about 10 years into education, I started needing those afternoon naps. Now as a middle school counselor with 25 years in education, I really need my daily afternoon snooze so I can recharge to work out and finish my day.

I know as a woman it is hard for us to let go and pamper ourselves with a time-out, but we all need it! If you want to be on your toes helping your children with their homework, or alert at their after school events, a short snooze may just give you the energy and stamina to actually enjoy the afternoon stress-free.

So,  take care of yourself and relax each afternoon!!!