Monday, June 10, 2013

Startin' Summer!

We are off to an exciting start to the summer! Craig had a positive consultation at the Clinic today. He had his zometa infusion to strengthen his bones and they are thankfully holding off from the hormone injection. His numbers are "amazing" per the head of oncology at the Clinic so he only needs to get monthly blood tests! Yahooey!!

He is feeling good and will be undergoing some intense treatment this month. They are doubling the dosage of the protocol and increasing the duration to weekly for three weeks. This means for three weeks beginning June 16th he will be on oxygen for half a week, then off for half a week. We are hoping he continues to have minimum side effects from the medicine during this time!
The pool is open and the golf courses are green. We are hoping to partake in both soon!!!!
Gratefully enjoying our lives!!