Monday, January 9, 2012

Love snowmen

      How can we not giggle and love the sights of snowmen!!! I get a kick out of driving down the roads and seeing the creative snowmen displayed in people's front yards. The creativity ranges with various accessories including hats, scarves, stick arms, carrot noses, etc....
     Each year, my sister's kids display their idea of their family as snowmen. They range in size from tall to real small representing the two parents and four young kids. It brings me to giggles when I see it! My fondest memory was making a snowman with my father when I was older. He was certainly creative and thought outside the box often. He rolled one large snowball making the head only. He left it in the middle of the yard, decorated it accordingly as a face with a hat and a scarf wrapped around the bottom. In front of the head were two stick arms with mittens if the snowman had melted slightly. It looked pretty funny and got a number of cars to stop in front of our home for weeks!
     This winter I encourage you to get out and make snowmen with your children. Be spontaneous and get the kids out of the house! be creative and step outside of the box with your snowman decoration! Let the kids make the family members including snowdogs, snowcats.....Have fun and enjoy the snow!