Monday, October 27, 2014

Relax inthe Afternoon

Oh, how I love an afternoon nap in my Ma'am cave! There is nothing like coming home from work and slipping into a short afternoon nap just to reboot for the remainder of the day. Just 20-30 minutes can do my body a lot of good!!

I didn't always nap after work, nor did I think an afternoon nap was even necessary. I even scoffed at my dear friend and mentor, Marguerite who, 25 years ago, told me how she needed her afternoonnaps to recharge each day. She was a teacher and I was completing my student-teaching under her. I thought to myself, "I am way to hyper to ever need an afternoon nap!"  Well, about 10 years into education, I started needing those afternoon naps. Now as a middle school counselor with 25 years in education, I really need my daily afternoon snooze so I can recharge to work out and finish my day.

I know as a woman it is hard for us to let go and pamper ourselves with a time-out, but we all need it! If you want to be on your toes helping your children with their homework, or alert at their after school events, a short snooze may just give you the energy and stamina to actually enjoy the afternoon stress-free.

So,  take care of yourself and relax each afternoon!!!