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Sunday, May 5, 2013


What a great few weeks Craig and I have had! We are truly blessed and enjoying life to the fullest! Craig is exercising,  taking two mile walks, doing yard work and getting out daily! 

We just completed week 5 of the protocol. Craig was excited to reintroduce red meat and chicken to his diet, though he has to ration his servings. Two weeks ago he submitted his blood work to the Delta Institute and they told him to hold off taking his next dosage as the first dose was doing a good job! He submitted his next blood work on Friday (5/3). So,  we will hopefully find out later this week when he takes his next dose. He feels good and looks great. His back gives him some pain when he overdoes it, but overall, he is in good shape. 

Thanks to the Seitz boys and Forrest, the mulching, flowers and garden are complete (weeks ahead of schedule) and the pool opens Friday. We are ready to embrace a fun-filled summer and still planning on having our annual holiday parties! Six months ago I didn't think I would be writing any of that, but thanks to all of your love, support and prayers, Craig is back on his feet and playing with his friends! Same sandbox, different toys, I guess:)

Last weekend we endured the tests of all tests: we went out with Diane & Kurt Soderstrom. For those of you who know them, and know us, the combo has always been, well, quite "fun," to say the least. This being said, adventuring out with them last Saturday evening was quite a risk for us  as we were on week 4 of no alcohol. But,we did it!!!! Diane and I went to the "Salon Saloon" (my name for the salon at Crocker that has a full bar in it) while Craig and Kurt went to Happy Hour. Both Craig and I enjoyed our filtered water, not only there, but also at dinner and in the hot tub with them. WE DID IT! We maintained sobriety the entire night with H2O only!! Yahooey!! I nicknamed the Soderstroms, "SOBERstroms" just for kicks and giggles, of course! 

So, don't be scared! You, too, can enjoy a fun-filled night with the sober-somewhat-vegan-not-quite-gluten-free Kellems! We're a real hoot to be with...really:) Just give us a call and we can go out and play with you, too!!!

Have a wonderful week!

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Michael said...

I'm looking forward to not having to drink for Craigy. This has taken a toll on my liver.