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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Gratitude

Well, six months ago I certainly didn't know how this Memorial Day weekend would look.  Would Craig be healthy? Would Craig be home? Would we be up for entertaining? 

Yes. The answers are, "Yes!" Thank you, God!!

I am elated to say, we were blessed with another fun-filled weekend, topped with our annual Memorial Day  party! We had 55 people show up and join us in celebration....and we remember each and every guest, along with each conversation, thanks to our sober-free lifestyle..8 weekends and going strong!!! Hehe! We also enjoyed many side dishes laden with Craig-approved ingredients! Yummy! 

Many friends and family members commented on how great Craig looked. His color,  skin, and  weight loss were all noticeably improved since people last saw him. He took his second administration of his BX protocol almost 2 weeks ago and has faired pretty well since! He has some new aches in his hips which we hope and believe is the cancer breaking off his bones and leaving his body! Yippee!

This journey has certainly brought positive changes for me, as well. I'm running races (not from the cops), feeling better than ever and getting creative in the kitchen..that room that's been sitting idle in our home for a long time. My two recent favs: sugar-free, flour-free oatmeal-raison cookies and sugar-free (agave substitute) strawberry soft-served ice cream. DELICIOUS, if I don't say so myself!!

Memorial Day is a day to remember with gratitude  all those who served and died for our freedom. As I reflect over the past 6 months, I am not only grateful for our freedoms, but also grateful for our lives in general. Craig never served in the armed forces, but he is still a hero to me. He has fought hard for his life with dignity, pride and optimism. I am quite proud of my hero!

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