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Sunday, April 21, 2013

"F" to the 4th power

Recently Dr. Mark, our dear friend and pastor of Old Stone Church, sent us a video of some of Craig's  friends from Johnny's Restaurant singing, "Don't Stop Believing!"  It made our day!  Yes, we are still going strong!! 

I responded letting him know we are doing quite well given F4 (F to the 4th power): Faith, Family, Friends and Food. 
More specifically: 

Faith: Church is the  highlight of our weekends. Craig is so grateful to be able to get up, get out and get to church. We took for granted this simple opportunity we had weekly and now embrace it!

Family: I don't know what we would do without them! Craig's little Angel, Jessica, keeps him young and entertained daily! She is her father and she is daddy's little girl! He has been getting out once a week with Joey, enjoying a movie which saves me from having to see any of the awful  Sci Fi movies out there! Thank you, Joey! My father and sisters keep me humored and I can drink vicariously through my sisters each weekend without feeling horrible the next day!

Friends: Now I understand why Mary Pat says she needs younger friends:) Craig is just one of the guys. Paul has surgery on something every other weekend, Kenny had open heart surgery, Dave just had back surgery, Kim's neck is a mess and may require surgery...so, in the big picture, Craig is one of the gang!!  His freedoms and health are put into perspective each day given what every one else is experiencing.

Food: Craig told me he would have devoured me the first weekend if it weren't for our dear friend, Bick, who has been preparing our food weekly!  We are loving her creative meals and delicious desserts! Some  favorites include her banana-peanut butter ice cream made with only those two ingredients,  peanut butter cookies, hummus, pesto pasta (made with some special pasta) and every dish that has had tofu! Geez, I hadn't had tofu since my Grateful Dead daze, I mean, days.

I need to add a 5th "F" and that is Fun:  It's Weekend #3 (49 to go for those of you counting) and we are still having fun! We even like each other sober. We're not quite as entertaining, but likeable, none-the-less. We have gone to a Cavs game, seen a movie, visited with friends, gone to happy hour to see one of our favorite bartenders, Jill, drank vicariously through Bob, and shopped for much  smaller clothes (Craig is down 50 lbs)....we are just living the dream, living the dream!!! 

Craig feels good. He is working out, taking walks and riding his recumbent bike. He gets out each day, stops in at work, has lunch with friends, runs errands and is only napping a little bit each afternoon. 

We are blessed. We are grateful. And to the boys at Johnny's, we will not stop BELIEVING! 

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