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Saturday, May 11, 2013

They Come In All Sizes

This, my friends, is from my hero, Craig:

Well its been 7 weeks since, as Kasey calls it, the "Journey" began. The diet has been interesting to say the least. Learning to plan your travels with the location of the nearest bathroom always in mind has become the norm. I truly don't believe that we evolved with incisors not to eat meat. But, to my vegetarian friends out, there I can say I tried it for 5 weeks and the best thing of that time was the small steak I had at the end of the period. Don't get me wrong I enjoy vegetables just not all the time.

To my dear friend Dave Walton, who so eloquently gave me a plan to fall back on should I be having bad days, I say, "many thanks." All that time you've spent in the wilderness has given you a great perspective. Oh, and yes I did alert all my favorite distilleries as to cut their production for the coming year. Although after having my journey mans card in partying for 40 years I made sure I had a great team in place to take up the slack during my hiatus.

On the whole, considering what I had growing up and down my spine, I feel pretty darn good. Yeah, there's still a lot of aches and pains but as I get up on these wonderful Spring mornings we've had of late my thoughts turn to a spirit of thankfulness. I believe in this new protocol I've embarked on, and it seems to be working. Kasey has taken it upon herself to educate all of the team on cancer marker numbers, although I shake my head when friends at coffee hour at church on Sunday congratulate me on a good PSA number.

Now, to the "They come in all sizes" statement. Several years ago in a Christmas letter I spoke of my childhood hero, my Uncle Joe, He was bigger than life in that young mans eyes, 6 foot 6 inches tall, played for the OSU Buckeyes and walked with a quiet assurance and a very giving heart. I have been blessed with a lot of giving people in my life and now I want to acknowledge my littlest Hero. She's barely 5 foot tall might weigh 100 lbs on a good day but has one of the most wonderful hearts I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I was lucky enough to marry this lady and thank God every day for meeting her. She's my traveling companion and is on this journey with me and I am very grateful. She, too, has learned how to locate the closest restroom.
Thank you Honey.

To the greatest support group on earth. As always, Thank you.
I love you all.

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