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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ain't No Stopping Us Now

(This picture was taken last weekend after Craig and the boys mulched all Saturday!)

Craig recieved his blood test results this week and they showed great progress! YAHOOEEY!!!!

For those of you with medical and or cancer experience, here are his numbers:
*PSA -This is down to 3.85 from 2000 in November.
          (yes the decimal is placed correctly).
*SED-This is down to 8 from 20 last month. This is a cancer marker indicating disease by the proteins in the red blood cells.   A normal SED reading for him would be 1-10.   He is right on!
*LDH -This blood test is performed to detect and determine the extent of tissue disease or damage to the brain, kidney, muscles, liver, and lungs due to bone fractures and/or cancers. Craig's has decreased from 236 to 203. The ideal or normal range is 105 to 133 so we are moving in the right direction!!! YAHOOEY!

None-the-less, Craig will undergo his 2nd treatment next week.  He will again be on oxygen for 72+ hours and we hope for yet another great experience with this dose.

Next weekend Craig plans on travelling  with Jessica to Wisconsin where she will work at a camp all summer. We are grateful that he has this great opportunity to help her get there.

Thank you again, for all of your thoughts, prayers and kindness throughout this journey. Craig and I have  always traveled well together and enjoyed our trips. I believe we are traveling well through this journey, as well, and making the best of the experience!

Gotta Believe!!!

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