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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Love your pets

Well, it has been many years since my husband or I have had a dog and now a first for us to have one together. Five years ago we became empty nesters and broached the topic of adopting a dog a number  times...until we watched, "Marley and Me." That movie was a deal breaker for both of us as we sobbed incessantly and then emphatically agreed we were not ready for a puppy.

Well, five years later, now that we have slowed down a bit and find ourselves home more due to Craig's illness, we started talking the puppy-talk again. It all came to fruition his birthday weekend when I stumbled upon a picture of an adorable 8 week old Terrier/bull mix from the shelter. We fell in love with the picture, and then again when we met her in person. She was one of 4 in a litter rescued from an abusive and neglectful home in a bad neighborhood. She had been malnourished and abused, but was on the mend. We knew the moment we met her that she was the one!

As I was signing my life away at the check-out of the shelter, I was asked about her name. Hmmm. I came in thinking I was buying a boy and had great names like, "Willy" and "Sammy" all ready to go. But this cute Petey-from-the-Little-Rascals-look-alike was a GIRL. I needed a name and a name that had meaning. I felt at the moment like the sky parted and a golden light shone down upon me as her name came to me: "Bella Eve"  BELIEVE! Our life motto is now our new best friend.

Bella Eve is quite the character! We have had her for only a few days and we just love her! She has been such an asset to our home bringing some positive change,  excitement and more laughs than usual! She has already gone shopping, taken several walks, met her neighbor friend dogs and taken car rides. She is adapting well. Of course, as a puppy, she is still peeing & pooping in the house, and biting, chewing and jumping up.. but these behaviors are diminishing by the hours. Despite all these minor puppy flaws, we sure do love our Bella Eve! We do BELIEVE she is a warm welcome to our family and home!

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