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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love Vegetables

And, thank goodness I do, because vegetables have been a big part of our diet these past 7 months! If you have been following my other posts, you would know that not only are we eating differently due to Craig's cancer treatment plan, but also, I am cooking for a first time ever and with lots of vegetables.

We have learned to embrace edamame beans, spaghetti squash, a variety of peppers,  beans, beans and more beans. We weren't allowed all vegetables as some interfered with the process of Craig's medication including eggplant, tomatoes and asparagus...basically our three favorite vegetables were forbidden during the one year treatment.

However, just recently while I was searching some new recipes, I stumbled upon a recipe/resource section on the site for Craig's treatment. Most of the recipes on the 1st 10 pages had tomatoes in the ingredients. I inquired with his doctors only to learn that although tomatoes were forbidden, cooked tomatoes were allowed!! UMMMMMMMMM, that makes a HUGE difference in our diet! We spent 7 months  indulging in olive oil on everything. Suddenly I can dress up our wheat pastas and pizzas with marinara sauce. (Insert loud "ahhhhhh" sung at a high pitch!)

So, given my inept domestic skills and our dietary restrictions, our dinners have been interesting to say the least! I recently took a dry run at making a Thanksgiving meal for Craig. Special note: Our Thanksgiving meals are catered every year. Yes, that is how pathetic I am in the kitchen. None-the-less, I made us a meal with all of the ingredients Craig and I could now have:
Corn-that's fine
Waldorf salad-modified (raisons-cranberries forbidden)
Sweat potatoes-Minus brown sugar-added apples & honey
Green bean casserole-No mushroom soup..instead I mixed heavy whipping cream and parmesan.     Pulled that right out of my rump!
Pumpkin pie-wheat crust and homemade whipped cream with stevia!

Craig gave me an A+ for effort and an "A" overall. Not gonna lie, the wheat pie crust=not so good!

So as we prepare for our annual Thanksgiving meal this year, I actually have to so a little cooking for Craig and me. As my family engages in a catered meal, we will be dining with homemade, healthy, natural vegetables as our sides. No nap for us as we will be highly energized by the good eats!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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