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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Love Cooking

Seriously? Love cooking? ME? Yep!  Anyone who knows me, knows the kitchen was a foreign room and cooking an unknown entity...until this past Spring. My husband's unique cancer treatment required a restricted diet....a VERY restricted diet...like, no white sugar, no white flour, no pork and VERY limited animal bi-products, no acidic fruits, limited veggies, no spices...oh the list goes on.

None-the-less, I embarked on the dietary journey with Craig and we cleared our pantry, fridge and freezer of all the forbidden foods...and hired someone to make our meals for us weekly. Pathetic, I know. But,  if you ever saw me in the kitchen you would understand. You see, the first time I made Craig a romantic meal for dinner, well, the romance turned into a night of hearty laughter due to my domestic demise. My homemade alfredo noodles kinda coagulated and looked more like a matzo ball, yet I doused it with alfredo sauce and served it with a pie server anyway. After Craig was able to suck the doughy concoction from the roof of his mouth, he kindly referred to my creation as "The damndest shit!" He then assured me that the only thing I ever have to make him for dinner was:  RESERVATIONS! And so began our years of eating out and me never cooking at home despite our  beautifully renovated kitchen.

So, here we were in the Spring spending hundreds of dollars for a friend to prepare our meals for us. Ugh! It was time for me to embrace my culinary fears and Love cooking! It  hasn't been 100%  pretty, case and point: noodles I kept in a crockpot for 4 hours, but Craig has been forever grateful. There are actually meals he craves and begs me to make for him, like my berry-buckwheat pancakes.  My energy balls, banana-peanut butter-strawberry ice-cream, cole slaw and pesto-wheat dough pizza are pretty awesome, too.

I have found myself in the kitchen each weekend preparing his weekly supply of homemade granola, a variety of ice-creams and a few dinners. It has gotten to the point where he actually bought me not one, but TWO aprons for Sweetest Day, and recently ordered the The Precision Induction Cooker for me to advance my culinary skills in the kitchen!!!   Gotta love it!

I love my husband. I actually love cooking now, too. My mother would be so proud. Miracles never cease:)

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