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Monday, April 8, 2013

Rested & Ready

"Rested and Ready"

As the Avett Brothers sing, and he believes, Craig is “Rested and Ready!”

We cleansed, lost weight and ate and drank things we could barely pronounce. 
And overall, Craig feels great! His 72 hours after the medicinal administration ended this morning at 8am. He did not feel any nausea or flu-like symptoms as we anticipated. He did  feel a  little bit of a “different kind of pain” in his back this weekend. We are hopeful this is the cancer falling off of his bones. Yahooey!

What originally seemed like a 72 hour  sentencing, turned out not to be so bad. 
After seeing my friend Mary Pat’s mother with a 75 foot oxygen hose, I encouraged Craig to look into getting something longer than the 15 foot hose that came with
the machine. The 50 foot hose that he found allowed him much more
freedom! He could actually get all the way up to bed, downstairs to his
nordicbike and outside to the patio. He was even able to enjoy the hot
tub Saturday night while wearing the oxygen tubes!  Most importantly, Craig
was so diligent about the amount of hours  he was on the oxygen, that he
banked up enough time to leave the house for church. That, was by far,
the best part of his weekend! Realizing that he can use the few hours he
is allotted off of the machine each month to go to church boosted his already
good spirits! 

So, though our lives have changed a bit, some things are still the
same. We enjoyed Happy Hour out on the patio drinking distilled water
and doing shots of wheat grass. We ate some delicious meals prepared for
by our dear friend, Bick, who is hired for the year (or maybe life) to keep us fed.
(Craig felt her meals were even better than Veigns at Crocker-WOW)  We
had guests (Anne, Michael, Bob)  join us throughout the weekend   for
vegan-like meals, smoothies or just shots of wheat grass. YUMMY!! 
So life hasn't changed TOO dramatically, has it? :) 

My role through all of this according to the Delta Institute is
to be Craig’s "Advocate." However, through my nagging and pushing him to get up
and away from the TV each day to exercise, I have seemingly been given other nicknames, like:
“Badvocate,” That’s when I nag too much. 
“Madvocate” That’s when he doesn’t listen to my nagging:) 
“Gladvocate” That’s when he listens to my nagging and does what I
encourage him to do. 
Actually, Craig started coaching me on the Bowflex and the two of us are enjoying getting buff together:) He  just may be the centerfold for the Believe Magazine...if there were a magazine!

We are grateful for a peaceful, nice weekend and look forward to the rest of our journey. I’m not even going to tell you how many more weekends we have of this new lifestyle...because I  kinda enjoyed it:) 

“Through believing you may have life in his name.” Dr. Mark Guiliano
April 7, 2013. Amen. 

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Catherine Reed said...

Yahooey! Your positive attitude is the key to success. Never ever stop believing!