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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Well since the onset of my husband's terminal cancer diagnosis in November of 2012, we have certainly shown that Believe is not our motto, but our lifestyle. Not only have we been blessed with so many friends and family who have given us love, encouragement and support to keep on believing, but, thankfully, that is just how we think, also! 

Although the two main hospitals here in Cleveland told Craig there was nothing they could do for him because the cancer was so far spread (bones & lymph nodes), we refused to give up. In a strange & twisted way, we ended up under the care of a new doctor who knew of a cancer treatment from Panama. We embraced the idea immediately. These Panama doctors explained to Craig that because he was stage 4 and because he had 10 radiations, they could only give him a 97% chance of full recovery. WHAT? That's 97 percentage points more than the Cleveland hospitals could give him! Yahooey!! The good news is, we don't have to travel anywhere to get this treatment. Everything is sent to our home as they believe home care is the best care for the mind, body and spirit! The doctor who told us about the treatment is overseeing everything to make sure we are doing it all right!

This program is quite intense and requires dedication and a loved one to advocate and watch over the patient. That's this girl, right here!! Since my husband has to be on a strict diet (somewhat gluten-free, somewhat vegan, high alkaline, no acidics and NO alcohol) for an entire year, I chose to join him for support. I didn't think it would be kind to be enjoying cake, cookies and Crown Royal while he's munching on fruits and veggies this next year! Now that's LOVE, right??!! 

So begins our journey. We began the cleansing on Monday. Today is Wednesday and I am down 3 pounds (back to my high school weight) and ready to eat the mulch in my flower beds:) I have never been on a diet, watched what I ate or abstained from alcohol. Craig is down 6 pounds. I told him that at this rate he will be down 730 pounds by next April:) This is going to be quite a journey, but very well worth it given the 97% chance of full recovery for my husband!!! Craig WILL be the poster child for BELIEVING! 

We are blessed!
 We are grateful! We Believe!

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Mary Lou G. said...

Kasey, I am so glad you decided to blog about yours and Craig's journey to wellness! No doubt your positive attitudes and BELIEFS will go far towards his recovery! You and Craig are an inspiration to ALL!