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Monday, April 1, 2013

Laugh at your mistakes

Laugh at your mistakes....clearly, I have laughed a lot throughout the years! I am a firm believer that you have to be able to laugh at yourself before you can ever laugh at anyone else. I have a habit of pointing out my errors and poor judgment and turning them into elongated stories that I often times find humorous and hope the listeners do, also! I have so many favorite times where I messed up so bad and could do nothing but laugh about it.

One of my favorite mistakes took place a few winters ago. I was on my winter break and we had about a dozen guests come ski at our ski house at Holiday Valley, New York. A few times during the trip the topic of our return home came up. The group couldn't believe that I had to go back to school on the Monday after New Years.  They all had off until Tuesday. That Sunday I hurried everyone out of the house and back to Cleveland as I had to get home and get ready to go back to work the next day..... So, there I was sitting in an empty parking lot Monday morning looking at a very dark and clearly closed school building.  Apparently, I also did not have to return to work until Tuesday. I must have laughed for 10 minutes in between calling and texting all of the skiers and my family to let them know about my mistake!

This does take me to another funny mistake I made while skiing. (I told you I had a number of stories!). My friend and I were at that same ski resort many years earlier and while going up the lift, we saw a sign, "Open Restaurant and Bar."  Being a bit parched and hungry we perused the top of the mountain but to no avail. Back on the lift, we reread the sign and decided to take a right off of the lift and peruse that area. Well, this continued a few times until we finally asked the lift attendant where the "open restaurant and bar" were. He was confused at first until we explained we saw the sign going up the lift. Next thing I know, the attendant is laughing hysterically, eventually getting out that the sign says, "Open restraint bar" a directive necessary for proper lift exiting. Haven't stopped laughing at that mistake!!!

We all make them. Mistakes that is. It's ok to laugh at them! It's ok to teach your children that mistakes happen and not to get uptight about them. As long as you learn from them, it's ok. Live and Learn. Don't just Live.  Laugh!

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