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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Laugh! Laugh often! Laugh at silly things! Watch a comedy before you go to bed or before you start your day. Read a joke each day (you can have them sent to your email or can buy a 365 day calendar with funny daily whims). I have one on my desk that I read and laugh to daily! Just laugh! Laughing releases endorphins which are mood enhancers!

No matter how tough, depressing or upsetting life might be right now, you have to find something to laugh about. During the 8 years that my mother was sick, my three sisters and I would try to stay amused and humored through some of the darkest times. Yes, we were sad and scared and upset with the circumstances, but they were out of our control, so humor was one way of getting through it. We had a Brittany Spears song that reminded us of our mother's circumstances. Any time one of us would hear the song, we would call a sibling and play it to them or  their voicemail and just laugh. It was one way in which we coped. We could cry and laugh at the same time.

When my mother finally passed away my family was at the back of the church ready to process in with her casket. The priest blessed my mother with a sign of the cross with the holy water. Unfortunately, in doing so, he soaked my one sister. Mistakenly, he then handed the water to that sister who made the sign of the cross and inadvertently soaked another sister. And so this went on all the way around the casket with all four daughters and my father soaking each other with the holy water, and of course, laughing. Even the priests were laughing. One stepped away and was doubled over trying to gain his composure.  My mother had a good sense of humor so we were sure she was laughing in spirit with us.

Somehow, in the darkest moments, you have to find something that makes you laugh! Laughter can help you get through the tough times and help you to be resilient to the obstacles you are facing!


anne said...

Oh she is laughing now watching me raise my 4 little darlings:)

Mind Over Matter (M.O.M.) said...

lol, Anne!