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Monday, July 11, 2011

Mind Over Matter (M.O.M.) Intro

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to introduce my new blog: Mind Over Matter. This blog focuses on  resiliency and the children's books I have written (with the help of a great team) to help kids become resilient.
     I specialized in researching what makes children  resilient, (able to rebound despite adversity), while pursuing my ED.S. degree and planned on further researching HOW to help a child become resilient at the doctorate level. Unfortunately, I had begun working at a new district where I was contractually unable to take a sabbatical until my 5th year in the district, at which  point my credits were no longer valid towards the PhD.
     Still having the interest and drive to help children become resilient, I decided to write childrens' books which would also serve as motivational decorations for their bedroom or playroom. The books, which are aimed for pre-schoolers, are titled: Believe; Laugh; Relax; Love; and, Dream.
     My niece Jackie Kennedy and I initially brainstormed the contents of the books. My friend Dawn Luce believed in my idea and set me up with her friend, Jan Hill, a very talented and whimsical artist. This past Spring & Summer we brainstormed, revisited and refined the pages. Many of my nieces, nephews and friends have given us great input throughout the  process. My friend and colleague, Kim Weber, eagerly joined the team and became our typesetter. Presently, we are doing the finishing touches on the book, "Relax."
     Through much deliberation, I came up with the name for these books: M.O.M. Mind Over Matter. This title certainly describes the books and the ability to be resilient, Also, the acronym, M.O.M. brings my late mother into the making. She was my inspiration and the reason I am resilient.
     Our goal is to have all 5 books on the market before the holidays of this year (2011). They will be sold individually or as a set. My ultimate goal is to create the same type of books for elementary students and teenagers.  (Shhh. I haven't quite told the team about this part yet!)


Lenora said...

What a great concept! You go! XOXO

anne said...

Nice job KC! Shorty would be so proud of you and your talent!!