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Monday, November 3, 2014

Relax with your Eyes Closed

A year and a half after my husband's stage IV prostate cancer diagnosis, a friend of mine suggested I take up Yoga. My husband and I  were staying in Utah for a month for a new treatment and I was going to have a lot of down time during while he was in the clinic. I immedately found a studio down the street and signed up for  classes every week day morning for the month.

WOW! What a transformation. I am not one to relax or work out by way of stretching and posing several different ways for an hour, but this yoga has done wonders for my mind, body and spirits! Sure, I have a plethora of yoga videos in my ma'am cave that I have used over the years, but it is much more relaxing and challenging when doing it under the supervision of a trained instructor!

In just that one month's time, I was transformed physically and emotionally. I immediately found a studio back home and continued my practice 4-5 days a week. My body can move in ways it could never move. The stress of being a caregiver is alleviated a bit after I do an hour of Yoga. I feel revitalized, calmer and can think clearer.

The best part of the yoga, the part I ignored for years with all of my videos, is the final Shivasana. I actually take the time now to lay down with my eyes closed focusing on my breathing. This part of the yoga exercise is what has relaxed me most. Eyes closed. Laying down. Who would have thought?

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