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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Relax outside

Relaxing outside is one of my favorite  afternoon activities in the summer! I have a hammock and lounge chairs and alternate between them for my afternoon nap. I usually take my snooze between noon and 1:00, right before anyone and everyone comes over to swim and play with me! After that great recharging outdoor nap, I am ready to face the latter part of my day!

I don't know why we ever stopped taking naps in the afternoon. Everyone needs to relax 30-60 minutes each afternoon to refuel for the rest of the day! Why do we stop doing that? I feel so rejuvenated after my afternoon siesta and am rearing and ready to go with all that I will face the rest of the day! Resting outdoors in just an extra bonus. Lying in the sun and catching some light rays while snoozing is very relaxing. Relaxing in the shade with a nice breeze is refreshing! I just can't get enough of the outdoors!

I'll bet if your children just took 30 minutes each afternoon to relax outdoors, in the sun or shade, they would be in better moods, more alert, healthier and just have an overall better day! They would be better prepared for the rest of the day...play time, dinnertime, t-ball, dance, gymnastics, karate.  etc...  Fresh air cleans the soul and refreshes the body! Try it, they'll like it!!!

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