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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Daydreaming is a great way to escape the day. It helps remove us from any present unfriendly circumstance or boredom. Daydreaming allows us to be in control when things in our real world may be out of control. Daydreaming brings to mind the ideal life, lifestyle, relationships and interactions we so desire. Daydreaming gets us through our days!

Daydreaming was what got me through Social Studies classes through most of my education! Sadly, had ADHD and Ritalin been around back in the early 70's I would have been identified and drugged up. Actually, I was just day dreaming most of the time. I was as attentive as could be come Math or Science classes, probably because I was actively involved in those classes. Once I got the the Social Studies lecture classes, I was bored and unchallenged which left me  inattentive and, well, on "Daydream mode."

It makes me wonder how many kids are thought of, diagnosed and/or drugged for ADD/ADHD when in fact they may simply be daydreaming? Maybe their life at home is chaotic and filled with stress. School is a great, safe place to let their minds explore and daydream the ideal life they wish to have at home. Maybe school is the locus of their struggles and daydreaming is their way of escaping the pain, humiliation, bullying, learning issues or other challenges experienced at school. Does anyone ever just ask these inattentive children what they are thinking or what is going on in their minds when they are not attentive in school and why they are not attentive???

Daydreaming is safe. It brings hope to those feeling hopeless. Daydreaming sparks new ideas and creativity. Daydreaming allows one to be in control and shape their future. Daydreaming obliterates the bad guy, rescues the good guy and brings happiness to those involved. Daydreaming is a great outlet for children and people of all ages. God knows I still daydream....only it's in my weekly meetings with other adults where I am bored and unchallenged, leaving me  inattentive and, well, on "Daydream mode."  Somethings never change!!!

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