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Monday, November 28, 2011

Laugh while you dance

I love to dance. I even think I am a good dancer, though some may think I resemble Elaine from Seinfeld! I played percussion as a kid, so I really think I have the beat! I have a few favorite local bands that I like to see and end up dancing most of the evening when I see them perform!  Dancing is such a great way to express ourselves, have fun with our friends, relieve some stress and enjoy the moment!

My husband and I took dance lessons at Springvale a few years ago. We were eventually  put in the special education section of the class. Both of us wanted to lead. He felt since he was the man, and a bit larger than me, he should lead. I felt that since I had rhythm, I should lead. It is not easy trying to lead someone twice your size! We laughed heartily at our awkwardness and our inability to follow directions. I don’t think our instructor found any humor in our silly antics! We eventually quit due to our clear ineptness, though  we still treasure the funny memories!!

I had a great evening celebrating my pastor’s birthday at his house one Friday night. He’s a musically talented man who enjoys a variety of classic music! After dinner, we spent most of the evening dancing and singing to great classics like Meatloaf and Queen. Every time I think of that evening I laugh. We had such a good time just dancing the night away! We were all relatively new to one another having known each other for only a few months to a couple of years, but you would have thought we knew each other for a lifetime they way we danced our hearts out that evening!

Dancing is such a fun and inexpensive activity to do with your children. You can form great memories while dancing with your children at home any time! I’ve enjoyed watching “Dancing with the Stars” with my nieces! We giggled incessantly at the fun dance moves the people use on that show! So, the next time there’s a rainy day, you’re feeling the blues or the kids aren’t getting along, put on the old LP player and crank out some fun dance tunes! Let your children freely express themselves, relieve stress, giggle endlessly and expound their vent up energy!! It will be a memory that will have you laughing for years!!!!

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