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Monday, November 14, 2011

Dream Big!!!

Dreams have driven me to my present life and I hope continue to drive me through my future. I dreamt of true love with a caring, compassionate man. I dreamt for years of this man. There really weren’t any identifying characteristics of this man other than the way he treated me. He was kind and generous. I also dreamt he had two children and I came along to help raise them. I dreamt of the kind of neighborhood where we would all reside. Several years ago I stopped dreaming this dream.  I never thought about it again until years later when I was biking through one of the neighborhoods by where I have lived since I married my husband. I almost fell off of my bicycle when I saw the house that used to be in my dream. It hit me! I was living my dream from years ago! I had met that wonderful, caring man who actually had two children! I was determined and driven to pursue this dream and it came to life!

I also dreamt of writing books and giving motivational speeches to children of all ages. Though my dream of being an author is quickly coming to fruition, I am hoping to eventually add the presentations to coincide with my books on resiliency. “Dream big” pretty much sums up my anticipation for where I see myself in the next 10-20 years. I hope to not only have my five resiliency books in the hands of as many children as possible, but also hope to be able to present the concept of resiliency in person to these children. I also have a line of adult books that I would like write….Yep, I’m dreaming BIG!!!!!

Children should start young with their big dreams! They need vast experiences to know and understand all of the possibilities out there for them. They need to explore all sorts of areas: athletic, art, mechanical, culinary, etc. Volunteering at a young age can allow children varied experiences, as can organizations like the Boy & Girl  Scouts. What dreams do your children hold? What do they want to be when they grow up? What tools do they need to achieve this dream? What experiences can you start giving your children so they understand the sky is the limit?

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