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Monday, September 5, 2011

Believe in yourself!

My little sister, Judy, is my inspiration when it comes to believing in herself! She has set  a number of challenging goals throughout her life and continues to meet them. She jumped out of a plane, ran several half marathons, ran a full marathon and just recently completed her first triathlon. Running and biking have always been a strength of Judy's, but swimming was not.

For a month prior to the triathlon, Judy trained religiously. She lacked form and knowledge about swimming competitively, but was determined to learn. She took advice from my step daughter, Jessica, my friend, Dave, and her friend Jenny all of whom were on the swim team in high school. She came to my house and swam daily and even practiced in the area lake where the competition would take place. She believed in herself and her ability and was determined to succeed.

On the day of the triathlon, Judy was prepared and confident. She swam first and had perfect form and  looked very strong! During the bike race she was soaring and looked like she was just taking a leisure ride....at a VERY rapid pace! The run was the last part of the competition. She was amazing!  She looked so strong and relaxed like she hadn't even competed in the other events prior.

Judy not only completed her first ever triathlon, but she did it at a competitive pace, time and place (1st in her age division-20th overall).   Our father, all of her sisters, her entire family and  friends were there to witness this incredible feat! We are so proud of her! She accomplished her goal because she believed in herself! She is a true icon of Believing!!!

Have you accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish to this point in your life? What do you believe  is holding your back and how can you overcome those obstacles to achieve your goal? What do you need from yourself to get there and what do  you need from others (spouse, children, family, friends, co-workers) to reach your goal? Set out with a strong belief in yourself and you will accomplish anything on your list!

What about your children? Have they been raised to believe in their abilities and strengths despite any possible obstacles (disability, stature, level of intelligence, socioeconomic level..)? Have they been taught to go after their goals and push themselves to their potential? What can you do to help them to believe in their selves?


shansonnhalter said...

Unbelievable...yea Judy! Question for ya KC, what do you think your parents did that instilled such determination, persistence, absolute belief in yourself for you and the Crawford gals???

You all have it in different ways.....

Whatever it is ...let me know :-)


Mind Over Matter (M.O.M.) said...

That's a great question, Shannon! I think they allowed us to discover ourselves without pressure and with lots of support! My mother was my biggest cheerleader! No matter what hair-brained idea I had, she supported it with enthusiasm! I think I pushed my self academically because I enjoyed seeing her so proud of my accomplishments. Her praise was quite valuable to me! It may seem like just words to some, but to me it was a foundation to help me continuously grow and reach for the stars!!!

Judy Kaufmann said...

Thank you Kasey for the incredibly kind words!!!I will forever keep this blog as a self esteem booster :) and to keep remembering that you need to make goals for yourself socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. For me, life is about reaching each of those goals. If there are no goals, then I would be in bed sleeping all the time!!! Love you and thank you again for the kind words. You know that you are my inspiration. I love that you are writing these books and pursuing other projects!!! You truly are a motivator and a believer in others!!