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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Relax With Your Favorite Blanket

As children most of us had a comfort blanket or toy that we lugged with us everywhere. IT was our security. IT was home away from home. IT  relieved anxiety, stress and discomfort. IT was dirty, ripped, ugly, old, smelly and sticky. But IT provided the  comfort we needed at the time.

Funny that the same comfort is still needed when we are adults. I still have a blanket in which I love to snuggle. I have had IT for at least 10 years and pull it out even in the summer time. IT provides comfort and warmth, IT relieves tension and stress and IT still takes away the worries of the day. Surprisingly, IT is in much better shape than my "tucky" was after 10 years! 

I have found that my husband also has a favorite blanket with which he snuggles. This blanket has provided him comfort and warmth for a number of years and throughout his illness. Recently, with the addition of our new puppy, Bella Eve, my husband has succumbed to sharing his blanket with her. She pulls the blanket out for the both of them to use and they snuggle together during their daily naps.  Bella even got to take the blanket with her when she stayed at a friend's house while we were out of town. I knew this blanket, and it's familiar smell and feel,  would provide her the security and comfort she would need during her first trip away from home. 

No matter what your age is or whether you are a human or canine, the blanket continues to provide a bit of peacefulness. So, during this hectic holiday season, take time to sit back and relax with your favorite blanket! 

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