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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Your Family

Blood is thicker than water. If I had a dollar for every time I heard
that statement from my mother, well, I probably would have spent it. My mother
came from a small Italian family and they were the only ones in America,
as the rest were in Italy. Her parents died when she was a young adult
but she was very close to her brother and his family. She ingrained in
us from the get-go that no matter what, family is always more important
than friends. You can’t pick your family and you can’t oust them out
of your lives when you disagree with something they have done or said.
It is because of my mother that my sisters and I are so close despite
infrequent differences and occasional poor choices. (guilty).

We had a very nice upbringing but somehow, I can at least speak for
myself, put a lot of “fun” into some dysfunctional adult choices. No
matter how crazy one of us got, the others were always able to pull us
all back in again to regroup. Ultimately, no matter what happens, we are
always able to find humor in it, as well.  I can’t imagine my life
without my sisters and father. Our love is unconditional and I feel it
gets stronger over the years due to our ability to sift through various
elements of our lives.

It is important to instill in our children early on that their family
is important and they should love each member even when they may make
some mistakes along the way. Parents should role model this
unconditional love even when they are having problems with each other.
Harsh words towards or about a spouse or other family member in front of
children is unnecessary and often harmful to the children.

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