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Monday, October 3, 2011

Relax on a rocking chair

Oh, the comfort of a rocking chair!! I remember having one throughout my young childhood! It soothed me when my grandfather passed away, it calmed me when I watched my cat get run over and it probably tired out my darn Jimmy legs (Seinfeld episode)  that had to keep on going even when I wasn't! My childhood chair had a little music box under the back leg that made music every time I rocked back and continued long enough until I rocked back again. It provided great peace and comfort to me for many years. 

Interestingly enough, I have had a rocking chair of some sort in my life ever since! Whether it was a recliner rocker, old fashioned rocking chair, swivel rocker or outdoor porch rocker, I had it and used it. Presently, I have a few rockers of sorts and use them often. There is a unexplainable comfort in rocking. Maybe it came from my first year on Earth when my mother rocked me to soothe and comfort me? (Of course, I'm assuming she did this as I do not recall the details:))

Amazingly, I am still comforted and able to sort through my thoughts when rocking on any one of my assorted rocking chairs around the house. I'm actually rocking on a sofa rocker in my sunroom as I am writing this! Truth be told, I'm a bit hyperactive, so the rocker might not just comfort me, but also slow me down a bit. My mother used to tap my legs while I was in church because I would rock the entire pew.  Kinda funny that my husband has to do the same thing to me years later??!! If only they made rocking pews...like a glider...maybe I'm on to something?! Gotta keep the legs going, I guess! 

Are your children energetic? Do they rock or always have to tap their feet or move their legs? How about getting them their own rocking chair? My parents clearly saw this in me early on (and well before there was anything called ADHD!) and gave me a rocking chair....oh, and a drum set, to calm me down and comfort me. Your child may benefit from the same thing (maybe not the drumset?). Rocking helps a child gather his/her thoughts, relax, regroup, concentrate, calm down, and find comfort in his/her surroundings. It can serve as a great time-out tool as children can rock themselves to comfort and calmness, too. Clearly, a rocking chair can help people of all ages to just RELAX!!!!

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